The food in The Pointe Restaurant at the Wickaninnish Inn is essentially delectable art set in front of a 240-degree ocean backdrop. It’s literally beautiful! After experiencing it for myself it’s clear that the staff here are passionate about what they do and inspired to deliver an unforgettable world-class experience. What’s more, you don’t need to be a staying guest at the resort to enjoy the food here.

On this morning, the sunshine lit up Chesterman Beach in soft hues. Fog rolled in along the rippling ocean and, like a sheer white curtain, diffused the sun for a little while. Jagged sitka spruce lining the beach morphed from a muted forest-green to light charcoal. Surfers bobbed in the ocean like buoys until one caught a rushing wave and swooshed to shore.

The ocean scene changes so quickly around here, but that’s the beauty of the West Coast. It’s wild, rugged and beautiful on any day and it’s just what Dr. Howie McDiarmid wanted to share with guests when he first envisioned The Wickaninnish Inn.

Regardless of what’s happening outside, The Pointe Restaurant remains comfortable inside bathed in warm earth tones. Even during the most turbulent winter storms you will find peace and tranquility inside.

_TVP6922The Pointe Restaurant on a sunny evening


Brunch at The Pointe

The sharp shadows cast earlier by my juice goblet eased when the fog rolled in, much better lighting for food photography so I was pleased.

My Tofitian Power Bowl burst with a rainbow of colour. Assorted berries lay on a bed of gluten-free roasted granola. Sweet shaved apples lay among them, rolled up like little driftwood logs on a white elderflower-yogurt beach. Bloomed chia seeds, like little pearls, adorned it along with edible flowers and bee pollen.

The Tofitian Power Bowl


The best way to eat it, I was told, is to stir it all up. Toasted texture met smooth and creamy, and mellow fruity flavours complimented the tart gooseberries. It was a delicious harmonious mix!

Next came the West Pacific Seafood Smoked Salmon Rösti, a crispy potato bed layered with two medium poached eggs, smoked salmon and cream cheese over steamed spinach. It’s smothered in a delicious dill Hollandaise sauce and adorned with fried capers, pickled pink onion, and fresh dill and parsley. Shaved Horseradish, like baby’s breath flowers, lightly sprinkled the top.

_TVP7193The West Pacific Seafood Smoked Salmon Rösti

The dish was satisfyingly savory and the soft, smooth and crispy textures complimented each other nicely.


Each morning the kitchen prepares a new freshly squeezed fruit juice. This time I enjoyed a luscious strawberry, peach and lemonade mix.

Visit The Pointe Restaurant website to view other creative and elegant ways in which they showcase each dish. Get inspired by their menu and if you’re an ambitious hostess you may want to add The Wickaninnish Cookbook to your collection!

High-Quality Local Ingredients

The kitchen is committed to sourcing out fresh, local and organic ingredients. They work closely with local fishermen and the Tofino-Ucluelet Culinary Guild to obtain the freshest meat, seafood and produce. They also forage for edibles on the property such as mushrooms, sea asparagus, kelp, gooseneck barnacles and berries.

My Servers

The Wickaninnish Inn is big on quality and recruits interns from various parts of the world. Many of their interns come from ITHQ in Montreal, Quebec. Currently, they have two in the kitchen and six in The Point Restaurant. Three others are in housekeeping.

Interns: Marilyn from Montreal and Stephen from Ireland

Both of my servers were incredibly welcoming and professional. Stephen served me the first time I sat down for brunch in this exquisite dining room. He is a graduate of Ulster University in Belfast, Ireland. He interned here back in 2016 and returned on a Working Holiday Permit in June. He has received a BC Provincial Nomination and is awaiting PR. Marilyn, the waitress who served me the second time, is studying Hotel Management at ITHQ and is here on a four-month internship. Next year, she plans to do an international internship. Her eyes lit up when she expressed to me how much fun she is having in the field!

Award-Winning Wines

The Howard Wine Cellar, named in honour of Dr. Howie McDiarmid, is built into the bedrock under The Pointe Restaurant. It is naturally cool so minimal energy is required to keep this amazing glassed-in display of wine at the optimal temperature for ageing. This wine will rest here for between three and five years before being transferred to the dining room.

The wine cellar was built to look like a wine barrel

This award-winning display, made to resemble a wine barrel, contains wines from all over British Columbia and the Pacific North West as well as international wines from Oregon, France and Argentina. Between 4000 and 9000 bottles of world-class premium wines are stored at The Pointe Restaurant between two wine cellars.



The Howard Wine Cellar was also designed to hold meetings and dinners. In the near future, a stunning room-length solid wood table will grace the room. It’s currently under construction. All I can say right now is that it’s an extremely creative piece of exquisite artwork that brings the beauty of the wild West Coast indoors.

The Pointe Restaurant Vision

The Pointe Restaurant is modelled after Dr. McDiarmid’s family cabin. You can see the cabin just north of the Wickaninnish Inn as you walk along Chesterman Beach. Notice that it has the same 240-degree ocean view.

The spot where The Pointe Restaurant is located is where Dr. McDiarmid’s kids used to watch storms roll in. Twenty-foot swells would crash onto those rocks!

_TVP7561The McDiarmid Family Cabin (left) and the Wickaninnish Inn (right)

_TVP7392The McDiarmid Family Cabin

The Wickaninnish Inn was the first to market storm season here in Tofino. Charles McDiarmid, Dr. McDiarmid’s son and the Managing Director of the Wickaninnish Inn, wanted to share with guests first hand the thrilling power of storms here on the West Coast.

Last winter, the wild surf tossed a driftwood log onto the rocks. Also, sea spray sometimes punches the dining room windows. But fear not, these large windows are hurricane proof so you can relax and enjoy a beautiful meal no matter what Poseidon’s mood happens to be.



Although the windows are also sound proof, during storm season The Pointe Restaurant amplifies the crashing surf through a speaker system so you get a full storm-watching experience from a front-row perspective!

Contact The Pointe

The Pointe Restaurant is located at 500 Osprey Lane in Tofino, British Columbia at the Wickaninnish Inn. Visit The Pointe Restaurant online or call (250) 725-3100 to book a reservation.