Anytime is a good time to visit Sweet Delights, a unique candy store in Oak Bay Village, for sweet gift ideas that your honey wouldn’t expect. From creative gift baskets made right there at the store to an assortment of yummy festive, nostalgic and international treats, there is something for everyone, even for those with food sensitivities. They also carry a variety of sugar-free, gluten-free, peanut-free, vegan and organic candy.



Sweet Nostalgia

In some ways, walking through Sweet Delights transported me back to the ’70s when I was a young girl. The hot sun beat down on my bare legs as I pedalled my maroon bicycle to the lake. Sweat soaked the band of my blue polka dotted sun visor while I reached for pop bottles and cans inside of deep open garbage bins. Then I’d haul my stash to Peterson Store and cash it in for candy. There was such satisfaction in that process. Times have changed a lot since then. Peterson Store doesn’t exist anymore, but thankfully for Victoria kids of all ages, including us adult kids, Sweet Delights does.


I stopped often to observe old favourites from the days when candy was the only thing on my juvenile shopping list. It usually included liquorice jawbreakers, Garbage Can-dy, Pop Rockets, a candy necklace, the Fun Dip candy with the three pouches of sweet-tart powder, Dubble Bubble with the little comic strip and, ooohh yeah, Cracker Jacks with the 3D hologram inside!




Sweet nostalgia had me smiling as I slowly browsed the shelves. My 8-year-old self used to think candy cigarettes were so cool. No, I never became a smoker. The Cool-Aid packets brought back visions of mom surprising my brother and me with the tastiest popsicles on a hot summer day. We’d come running!


Garbage Can-dy, the sweet-tart hard-pressed-powder candies shaped like fish, an old boot, bottles and bones, was my favourite although nowadays they should also have Compost and Recycling Can-dy!


Unique Gift Ideas

Sweet Delights has such a wide selection of creative and nostalgic items that it makes gift-giving even more fun. This family owned and operated business puts together gift baskets and other creations for any holiday, but also for celebrations like birthdays and graduation. Have an event and need ideas for a draw prize? They custom make themed baskets right at the store.



How about this beer-mug-themed creation for dad or grandpa?


Nostalgic items may be fun gift ideas for us adult kids. Remember the Rubiks Cube or the Magic 8 Ball? Well, you can get those with candy inside as well.


You can get any kind of Pez-themed candy that you can imagine, even a giant Hello Kitty one. There are themed kits, packaged individuals and even an assortment of vintage Pez dispensers.




Getting a little more current, know someone who is overly emoticon happy? Here’s an idea.


Whatever your kid’s tastes are, Sweet Delights has quite a few fun unique ideas to put smiles on their faces, like these two chocolate sets.



And for the one family member who simply requests money for their birthday, you can always surprise them with a sweet stash of $200 bills! 😉


Candy from 25 Countries

From our very own Canadian-themed candy to Turkish Delights and Swiss Chocolate you can find candy from over 25 different countries here at Sweet Delights.

Need to buy a gift for a traveller friend? Mix and match candy from all over the world with other favourites and pack them into a nifty wooden suitcase box. There’s only one of these left so if the idea appeals, you better be quick!


There are so many fun gift ideas here! Whether you are looking for loose candy or something a little more extravagant, you’ll likely find it at Sweet Delights. Check it out for yourself and see what kinds of sweet nostalgic memories surface for you!


Sweet Delights is a family-owned and operated business located at #113 – 2187 Oak Bay Avenue in Victoria, BC. Call them at 778-430-4906.