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Summer 2020

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I’m excited to be spending my summer working at and exploring my very favourite place in the southern Okanagan, Cathedral Lakes Provincial Park. In my off time, I will be exploring the southern Okanagan. I am looking forward to reviewing and photographing the wineries and orchards that I find interesting. Keep an eye out for new features!

I will be updating my Instagram feed regularly with my experiences at Cathedral Lakes and also about the amazing things I find in during my breaks. Follow me!!

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Eat & Drink

How has your restaurant adapted to the new norm? People miss dining out. Tell them what’s new!

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Are you open this summer? BC residents are looking forward to getting away and exploring their province!

Play & Explore

People want to get out, explore, and have fun! Show them how you can make their summer memorable!


KiDS NEWS & REViEWS will also be posting our updates weekly on their Instagram feed with over 5K followers made up of families!

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