Hola and buenas tardes from small, quaint Castrojeriz.


I have walked quite a few kilometres since I last updated you. Due to the lack of internet I have not been able to post my diaries, but I will do that after this post since WIFI here is strong and I have lots of time.

I am in quite a bit of pain sitting propped up against the headboard of my top bunk in a large, open dorm. Bunk beds are lined up around half the perimeter of the room and mattresses are lying on the floor against another wall.

My legs are nestled warmly inside my new fleece sleeping bag liner. Yes, I think I made a mistake mailing my sleeping bag off to Santiago from Logroño. I have a story to tell in my next post about why that is – another Camino experience I do not want to repeat!

It is still early in the day, but I need to rest my leg. Yes, that’s right, I’m also injured – the reason why I’m in quite a bit of pain sitting up here. I have what I think is a shin splint on my left leg. The muscle on the meaty part of my shin is swollen and really sore – over-use I guess. Go figure.

The reason for the shin splint is likely the 40 kilometres I walked from Villafranca Montes de Oca to the city of Burgos. There were a few of us that made the same long trek that day, but I’m sure paying for it now.

Other than my shin problem, all my other body parts are in good working order – no blisters and no pain in my feet. The new trekking boots I bought in the spring are comfortable. My hips and knees are great too and I’m not using my knee brace anymore. But, wow, my shin! I don’t want to take a rest day yet – not here. I wanted to wait until I got to Leon, however my body may force an early rest day. I’ll see how I feel tomorrow.