This might be hard to believe but after five years of living in Greater Victoria, I have finally discovered Brentwood Bay. I’ve heard of it, even seen it on a map, but for some reason, I wasn’t compelled to go there until just recently.

I was both pleasantly surprised by the beauty and the marine vibe of Brentwood Bay, while at the same time kicking myself for not venturing out this way sooner!

Chris, a good friend of mine who I met through the Victoria Kizomba community, took me to a pub in Brentwood Bay for my birthday. I loved the area so much that I reserved a table for me and another friend at Blue’s Bayou Café, another place that was recommended to me. I was told that it was unique.

When I asked the man who took my reservation if we could sit on the patio, he responded, “Of course! Why wouldn’t you? Everyone sits on the patio.” I laughed and realized that he probably didn’t know that I hadn’t been there before.

My mouth hung agape upon entering. It was so quaint with its New Orleans-themed decor and the bluesy-jazzy music playing softly in the background.

The decorations were collected during trips to New Orleans!




There was seating inside, but I could understand why the man (whom I’m sure was Blue the owner) said what he did when I asked if I could sit outside.



The outdoor deck seating was abundant with 70 seats (I found out) and that’s where people are compelled to go on a beautiful warm sunny day like this one.



The marina made such a lovely backdrop.


The view from my table

I asked the waitress for two glasses of water. I wanted to wait for my friend to arrive before I ordered a Hoyne Pilsner. I didn’t know it for another half hour or so that my friend and I had our dates mixed up. I thought that we were meeting this week and she thought we’d planned for next. She was right. Ahh well, these things can happen. We did meet just a few days later, though, and had a lovely catch-up session!

So I took advantage of my solo time at Blue’s Bayou Café and decided that it would be an ideal niche place to tell you about.

I finally ordered my Hoyne Pilsner and enjoyed the warm sun-drenched deck. A light sea breeze carried the pleasantly briny scent of the ocean. The neighbouring boat dock was quiet aside from a fisherman who clopped his way along the old wood planks to the end. Four people on a boat enjoyed some light conversation and laughter. The volume knob of life’s busy chatter just got dialled down to tranquil. My shoulders relaxed.

Again my jaw dropped when my waitress, Meghan, brought out the seafood cannelloni with lemon-caper sauce that I had ordered. My salivary glands instantly activated in anticipation of the various flavours.

The cannelloni was stuffed with halibut, salmon, shrimp and crab and doused in a creamy lemon sauce with capers. Two muscles, a lemon wedge, which I squeezed out on top, and a sprig of rosemary adorned the top. It was literally beautiful!


The salad was also delightful and fresh with a combination of seasonal greens, shredded beets, sprouts, cucumbers radish, purple cabbage, cherry tomatoes and a balsamic vinegar dressing.

To say it was delicious is really an understatement. You really need to order this dish to find out for yourself, but the textures and flavour of the pickled capers and creamy lemon sauce combined with all of that seafood were all so complimentary!

If you have not yet ventured out to this café on the water, you must do it this summer. It really gives you a different vibe than that of downtown Victoria or even Sidney. It’s a small community so it still has that pleasant quiet vibe with not a lot of people milling about.

When you’re finished your meal, perhaps go for a stroll along the dock and watch the sunset.




Or you can walk the trail around the marina. It starts from the large parking lot near Blue’s Bayou Café.


This is really an ideal place for a date this summer or a meal out with friends. Plus I’ve heard that the patio here is a great place to watch the Saturday night fireworks that go off at Butchart Gardens.

About Blue’s Bayou Café

Blue’s Bayou Café opened twenty years ago today! The vision was originally inspired when Blue, the owner, and his wife made a trip down to New Orleans with Blue’s father who was attending a food show. They were inspired by the local Cajun/Creole cuisine and subsequently opened the cafe which has a similar appeal to the Bayou, except on an ocean and no alligators. The unique decorations were collected during several trips back to New Orleans.

Blue’s Bayou Café is fully owned and operated by Blue who is the chef among other things. He can be found at the café from 7:00 am to 11:00 pm Monday through Saturday.


Blue’s Bayou Café is open between 11:30 am and 9:00 pm every day except Sunday between May and October. Visit their website for winter hours, menus, and for more information.

Find them at 899 Marchant Rd, Brentwood Bay, BC. Call 1-250-544-1194 to make a reservation.