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On A Branch Again

I found myself humming the tune from Willy Nelson's On the Road Again while I was brushing my damp hair after my shower last evening... Read More

Satellite Fish Co. Ltd.

A few seagulls float on the salty breeze calling out to their peers. Some perch on top of silvered pilings. They eye up the fish market next... Read More

Sidney Pier Bistro

A quaint ocean bistro sits brightly on a short, concrete pier at the end of Beacon Avenue in Sidney, BC. It’s dwarfed by the fish market... Read More

Sidney Whale Watching

After experiencing my first whale watching tour ever, I returned home with a better understanding and appreciation of marine life... Read More

Sombrio Beach

A crackling fire burns in the sand under a sparkling diamond sky. The crashing surf ebbs and flows and lulls you into a parasympathetic state while... Read More

Shirley Delicious

There’s nothing like getting out of the city on a weekday when most people are bustling around doing business or locked away in cubicles. It beats... Read More

Kizmet Café & Humsa Food Truck

After hearing so much about Salt Spring Island and the artsy, hippie culture here, I was stoked on my first visit to the island to find a couple of... Read More

Salt Spring Island

Little Red Corvette blared from my stereo speakers as I sang along slapping the steering wheel of Silver, my Honda Civic and partner in crime... Read More
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Sweet Delights

With Valentines Day right around the corner, this is a good time to visit Sweet Delights, a unique candy store in Oak Bay Village, for sweet gift... Read More
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Your Neighbourhood Butcher

Village Butcher and The Whole Beast, with their warmly-lit and slightly old-fashioned ambience, has the right touch of modern. I feel both... Read More
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Igniting the spark between curiosity & adventure.